Christmas, Family, Quality Time and Enough #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 12-28-14 at 12.20 PM

  • Julia got a camera for Christmas and she got to take pictures with it
  • Max started his week and a half vacation and tomorrow he’s having a bro/sis day with his sister Cassandra.
  • Leila got to spend Christmas with her bff Emma. They did makeover on Dave, her dad’s friend.
  • Wendy got to spend Christmas with her dad! It’s been about 4 years since the last time she got to do that!
  • Grace’s sister drove all the way from California to visit.
  • God has been showing Breanne how He’s always enough. Instead of complaining about a situation she declares that He IS enough and she’s seen fruit from that.
  • Julie got neon orange knee socks ( aka: strange socks) from her grandmother. As Gabriel pointed out, these are normal socks for me.
  • So about 2 years ago (give or take 5) Gabriel found a brand of watch that he really wanted but never purchased it for himself. The other day our Pastor, Tim gave Gabriel the exact watch he wanted without knowing! 
  • I’ve been praying for no snow (I know…most people are mad at me) but so far it’s working! We’ve had a pretty warm December and I love it!
  • AND!!! Biggest and best of all! My friend Danielle had her baby girl on the 27th! She’s beautiful and perfect and wonderful and all those words you use to describe a newborn. Not everyone makes cute babies, but they made a cute baby! Her name is Jaya Love (which means Victorious Love) and I LOVE it! And her!

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