Sports, School, Singing and Food #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 12-7-14 at 12.13 PM

  • Wendy made the school basketball team! She’s part of the starting 5 as a forward.
  • Max saw the grand canyon! It was amazing and breathtaking and pictures don’t do it justice.
  • Breanne saw her friend Rebecca before she went back to college.
  • Julia is learning about Africa in Social Studies. They made a map out of dough and watched a cool video. It was fun, and any time school is fun, it should be on this list.
  • Ben got 100% on his electrical project. He had to wire in a receptacle, a light and 2 three-way switches.
  • Grace went christmas shopping.
  • Leila also went christmas shopping and hung out with her friend Tiffany.
  • Wendy saw Mockingjay.
  • Julia got honors.
  • Leila went to her grandma’s house. She used to decorate cakes but can’t anymore so she gave all her piping tips and bags to Leila.
  • Julie is 99.99% sure she got a job at a nursing home as wait staff.
  • Max got into Eastern Regionals! He got 178 out of 198 – we’re not sure why they don’t go up to 200.
  • Brittany joined indoor track.
  • Reed ate a lot of food on Thanksgiving.
  • Michael fixed his quad with his friends.
  • Gabriel had extremely relaxing morning yesterday because he didn’t have to work like he thought he did.
  • Max had a holiday dinner at school. He had LOTS of food and played hockey baseball with his friends.
  • I found my rain coat that I lost 2 years ago!

And Leila made us gingerbread men but Sinco and Maggie ate them all. Guys, adults need to be stopped! 😉


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