Honors, Mockingjay, Schools and Winter #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 11-23-14 at 12.16 PM

  • Leila saw Mockingjay with friends and it actually followed the book. That never happens. She got got honors too.
  • Julia’s birthday was yesterday! She got Chinese food (her favorite) and bike! And cupcakes from The Cake Lady. There were oreo, carrot cake, pumpkin with cool decorations
  • Max had an audition for Eastern Region Music Festival yesterday. Stay tuned to see how that went! He also will be in AZ next week. AND went to see Mockingjay with his parents. His step siblings, Cassandra and Ricky, went with their mom and her fiancé. They wound up all being together.
  • Andrew’s friend Alan gave him a key for World Of Warcraft for free so he can play for free! He also got honor roll.
  • Ben got an A on his Civics project on Tomas Jefferson and also high honors.
  • Breanne’s piano lessons have been going well. Her teacher is awesome.
  • Julie visited WNEC with brother and parents and got free food.
  • Dylon got 3 inches of snow.
  • Emma slept over Leila’s house and baked cookies for us! She also got honors.
  • I got blessed with 2 dresses from Singapore. They’re BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to wear them!

I know I’ve said this before, but these kids are the best!


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