I’m Not The Crazy One

I’m working on being OK with winter. I really am. It’s difficult though, because I REALLY don’t like being cold.

I’ve lived in Connecticut my whole life, and Dave grew up in San Diego (which I believe means “perfect weather”), so obviously we have different views on the season that is upon us.

Dave: It is so funny to me to see the difference between someone who grew up in CT and someone who didn’t.

Jess: What do you mean?

Dave: Well, when the weather starts to get cold, people who AREN’T from here bundle up. They have the warm coats, and hats, and gloves. But people who grew up around here don’t.

Jess: It’s true. And it’s not because we’re not cold, because we are.

Dave: It’s like you’re in denial or something.

Jess: That’s EXACTLY what it is!

Dave:  You’re crazy!

Now, I don’t know if he was talking about me specifically or us Nutmeggers as a whole, but regardless, it’s pretty accurate. But here’s the thing: I just don’t like wearing big bulky coats. I mean, who wants to walk around feeling like the kid from A Christmas Story?

Seriously. People. We need mobility!

The other reason I don’t want to get a big winter coat is that I don’t want to pay for one! To some people this may seem silly, but why am I going to spend over $100 on a coat that I’ll only wear for a few months? It’s not worth it to me.

It should be worth it to me.

But it’s not.

Dave’s comment did get me thinking though. If I dressed properly, maybe I wouldn’t be so miserable during the cold months. If I actually found a coat that I liked and was warm, maybe I’d be more ok with the fact that I can see my breath.

Now, I say all that to say this:

As much as I love Dave, I’m not afraid to say that I think he’s the crazy one right now. Why? Because he, 2 of his friends, his boys, and 2 of their friends are camping tonight.


On the ground.

In tents.

In 30-something degree weather.

And as I type this I hear the wind going CRAZY outside.

No. Thank you. I am not ashamed to say that I pulled out the “Girl Card” for this one.

I’m sure they’re having a blast. I mean, c’mon, it’s 8 guys in the middle of the woods. They’re building fires, repelling, smoking cigars (not the kids, obviously) and eating beans (haha, pretty sure that’s how they’re gonna keep their tents warm at night). And I’m sure once they warm up tomorrow they’ll have plenty of smiles and stories to share. And I’ll gladly listen…while curled up under a warm blanket and sipping on tea.

But as for me, tonight, I’ll be snug as a bug with my down comforter, heated blanket, cuddly cats, and about 50 million pillows in a room that DOESN’T stink.

I may not be built for this weather, but I am determined to tolerate it better this year. We’ll see how that goes.


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