Work, Electronics, TV and Clothes #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 11-16-14 at 12.09 PM #2

  • Breanne helped out for her school play (Damn Yankees).
  • She also babysat cute kids and didn’t get in trouble for falling asleep! Don’t worry, the kids were asleep and it was almost midnight by the time the parents got home. We’ve all been there.
  • Breanne’s iPod stopped working and nothing was helping so she prayed for it with her mom and it worked!
  • Nico fixed his computer without having to go through the long tedious process of checking each wire and bit of hardware.
  • Max had a dream – His sister Cassandra had a dream a few years ago that a girl drowned Him. In that dream Max felt safe. Earlier this week Max had the same dream, and still felt safe, but he didn’t drown this time! He believes (and we agree) that it means that the issues from the past won’t hinder him now. We love breakthrough!
  • Max is also leaving for AZ on the 26th until December 1st to visit some family and see the Grand Canyon.
  • Julia was running out of room on her phone and she couldn’t update it. A problem we all face every time a new update comes out. She deleted a bunch of apps and pictures but there still wasn’t enough room. Then her future step mom showed her that she could delete her text messages and that gave her enough room to update.
  • She also went hiking, and her birthday is in 6 days.
  • Once Upon a Time has a special 2hr episode tonight.
  • Julie started indoor track and for practice they played Hide & Seek throughout the whole school – awesome.
  • Ben went to Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon AND he got new pants.
  • Grace got her first paycheck! She’s working tomorrow too.
  • She also got to help the little kids for Sunday School and got to keep the donuts and candy corn!
  • Grace is also going to KC’s for lunch.
  • Gabriel had to go to work on Saturday and leave Friendsgiving early. Total bummer. But he was on his way there and his boss called and told him to go back to the party and that he would cover his shift!
  • Dave and I hosted Friendsgiving this year, and I have to say, I have the best friends ever. They’re seriously all the best. I felt so blessed all day.
  • I also got to snuggle with baby Zelda because Zack and Elizabeth came up to visit!
  • And, in the spirit of Ben’s SLS, I got a new sweater!
  • AND I made $4 today by selling snack to them haha. Don’t worry, I plan on spending that money on them. I’ll get them candy or something. I just thought it was hilarious that they were willing to pay money for more pieces of pie.

Woo! These kids are amazing.


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