Get Out of My Head!

There have been a lot of topics running through my  head lately, and I’m confident that it’s partly because I should be blogging about them and not just going “Great thought, Jess! Now, what were we doing? Oh right, watching another episode of Bones on Netflix.”

That said, here’s what we’ve got goin on inside this brain of mine.

Wow, that statement made me sound like a crazy person

I’ll try and make them as concise as possible…and then learn my lesson and blog when I’m supposed to.

1. Restoration

Seems like a pretty normal word, right? We restore homes and furniture and cars. If you go to church and have ever been prayed over you may have heard something like “The Lord is going to restore you”. But what we often don’t realize (especially when it comes to the church stuff) is that “restoration” doesn’t always mean “going back to the way it used to be”.

I know a lot of times I’ve heard that while being prayed for and I’ve thought “great! everything will be back to normal!” and truth be told: that’s not the case at all. But it is better. I touched on this a while ago, but it’s always a nice reminder.

2. Who the heck are you?

This came up in youth group a few weeks ago when Breanne reminded us all that we are who God says we are, not who the world thinks we are. Or who WE think we are for that matter. We may think we’re insignificant but guess what, God is all about the insignificant people.

And once you know who you are, you’re pretty much unstoppable.

3. I WILL like this…I will.

Every year I complain around this time about how it’s getting too cold. Then the snow comes. I probably shed a tear or 6. And continue my complaining until about March or April when it starts getting warm again.

This time I’m determined to not only smile but to enjoy myself and the season. I’m going to focus on the beauty and not the fact that I can’t feel my face. Well, I’m going to try anyways. It’s a work in progress.

4. Uh…

I guess I don’t really have a 4th. I just like when things are even. So I’ll just say that friends and family are life, and I try to not blog about them because I don’t want anyone to think I’m playing favorites. Even though I fully admit to having favorites.

I try to not blog about my relationship with Dave either, because while I do want to shout his amazingness from the rooftops, I recognize that I don’t have to. But I will say this, out of all my favorites, he’s my favoritest 🙂

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