Music, jobs and who we are #SimpleLittleSunday








– Max’s music teacher played them a cool instrumental song. The guy wrote it during a controversial time where people were debating wether music should be written to tell stories or just for music. This was for stories.
– Grace has a job cleaning for $15/hr.
– Julie was waiting for her mom outside after school. It was cold, but then the clouds parted and the sun came out and warmed up for her.
– Nico got new program called Frooty Loops Studio and he started making music.
– Ben passed the CPR test.
– Breanne had a rough week but God reminded her of who she really is through prophesies that have been spoken over her. *We are who HE says we are, not what the world thinks of us.*
– Brittany passed all her classes.
– Wendy has her final fall ball game today. We hope she wins!
– Gabriel got a free bag of coffee today.
– My boyfriend Dave was going to have to travel for work for 10-12 days starting this Friday, but he doesn’t anymore!

I really like what God is doing with this group. They’re amazing and we had some good conversation today. They’re getting more comfortable with each other, and with me and Gabriel, which means we can start having some really good question and discussion time.
Watch out world, you have no idea what’s coming at you!


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