Friends, Babies, Food and Concerts #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 9-28-14 at 12.19 PM

  • Max is pumped for the season premier of Once tonight
  • Breanne didn’t have school on Thursday for Rosh Hashanah so she got to hang out with her friend
  • Julia went rollerblading and saw a friend there she hasn’t seen in a while
  • Julia’s caterpillars are starting to turn into cocoons
  • Leila got to hang out with her friend Michaela, they went to the mall and baked but she didn’t bring anything to us because her dad and Angela ate it all
  • Ben went to the Durham Fair with “The Squad”
  • Grace played soccer all week
  • Wendy had some friends over at 10am on Saturday. They made t-shirts for the R5 concert and then walked around casino after the concert
  • Julie went to dinner with her family (and apparently has an interesting technique for eating mozzarella sticks)
  • Nico’s grandma found his wallet that was missing for like a month
  • Nico is starting a YouTube series of game play tutorials. You can find him on YouTube at NicoThePixelArtist
  • Gabriel has 3 people from school in Cyprus staying with him
  • I had an amazing week in Florida getting my baby on with the ever adorable Zelda Florence. I mean, look at this kid!

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