Soccer, Fairs, Math and a Wedding #SimpleLittleSunday

Once again, I’m not in class but It’s all good, I’m sure they’re having a blast with Gabriel. And I’m sure he’s having a blast with them. Because it’s impossible to not!
And once again Julia sent me everyone’s SLS. No group shot though, but it’s ok, I’ll give you a good shot at the end.
Anyway. Here’s what we’ve got!

– Grace got to play soccer and won

– Breanne got to have her first piano class

– Julia’s caterpellers came a day earlier

– Ben bought a ticket for the Durham fair

– Julie got a 91 on her math quiz

– Max doesn’t have to do math home work

– Gabe got to spend a day with Marios

As for me, I had a wonderful day yesterday at a wedding I was honored to sing in. Dave and I had a great time (side note: I love us) and we got to have a quad-date with some of our favorites!
And as I write this I am sitting at Bradley waiting for my plane (that just got here) to take me to Orlando to see some of my other favorites and to get my baby on! It’s gonna be a good week.





Happy Sunday everyone!!

Update! Gabriel sent the group shot!



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