Caterpillars, Cookie Dough, Softball and the iPhone #SimpleLittleSunday


I wasn’t able to hang with these incredible people today, but thankfully I have Gabriel who filled in for me. And the lovely Julia transcribed everything for me. Here’s how God showed his love this week:

“Sooo here’s peoples simple Sundays,
I ordered catapellers online
Leila ,
got to baby sit little kids
it’s a beautiful day for a softball game and she has one today
Breanne made cookie dough
getting an iPhone 6+
Breanne got to taste rice and beans from Africa and her friend made her cookies when she wasn’t having that good of a day
Grace got to play soccer and found a poisonius catipellar
Gabe got to spend time with some awesome people he enjoys there acopany of
Went to the big E”

As for me, Dave came back to me from Arizona safely and today I got to celebrate my good friends wedding at her bridal shower. And it was a beautiful day to boot!


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