The Beach, Books, Music and Movies #SimpleLittleSunday

Photo on 8-31-14 at 12.06 PM #2


  • Max is going to the Pastor’s house for a foosball/N64 tournament after church.
  • Grace saw her gram and was given a bag full of clothes.
  • Grace is homeschooled and her mom said she can skip chapters and they’ll do the tests together.
  • Julia found pretty shells at beach because they were shiny in the sun.
  • Julia learned about birds from a lifeguard and got some pictures. 
  • Max hung out with his sister at target because all his friends were MIA and he got sister’s discount since she works there.
  • Breanne went to the beach with some friends.
  • Breanne got the new Steffany Gretzinger album.
  • Leila finally got to start The Maze Runner series (they’re books) because they have them at her school library.
  • Julia still has her tan from ocean city.
  • Julie saw If I Stay with her mom.
  • Leila saw The Giver.
  • Ben got a job at a market in town as a cashier and stocking shelves.
  • My friend Julian fixed my car for WAY CHEAPER than the dealership would’ve charged me. And it runs awesome.
  • Leila baked for us again! Yay!

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