Vacations, High School, Plays and Hangs #SimpleLittleSunday

Such a happy crew today! Whatta bunch of hooligans. They’re lucky I love them.

Photo on 8-24-14 at 12.16 PM

  • Grace had a cookout and went fishing.
  • Leila went on vacation and hung out with friends she hasn’t seen friends in year.
  • Julia also went on vacation (shocking!) She went to the beach, the boardwalk and played mini golf – Leila sucks at mini golf, apparently.
  • Max went to his high school orientation, there was food there. “Max was a fat pig during orientation.”
  • Aaron went to NYC with his Opa and saw the Statue of Liberty and went to the wax museum.
  • Breanne hung out with her friend Rachel.
  • Julie visited Eastern in PA (it’s a college) and it was a nice day.
  • Ben is getting new blender bottle for protein shakes and stuff.
  • I spent Saturday in the Berkshires with Dave; we had a blast! One of the best parts was that we watched Romeo and Juliet at an outdoor performance and the weather was perfect. Probably the only time I’ve ever been THANKFUL it wasn’t bright and sunny. 
  • Gabriel got to spend time with his Brother-In-Law, Patrick.
  • Julia saw a pretty sunset on vacation, see? It was unicorny (that’s our new word for magical)
  • Leila saw dolphins.
  • Grace went to an ice cream factory, a cheese factory, a coffee factory, and a butterfly place and got free samples everywhere (except at the butterfly place) and even got to take leftovers.
  • Leila went to the mall with her soon-to-be step sister.
  • Julia went to a cool store and got stuff. The workers there encouraged them to catapult orbies at people!
  • Leila took an old time photo with three of her friends.

So that’s our week. How was yours?

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