Camping, Hotels, Mountains and Friends #SimpleLittleSunday

Sunday Funday!

Photo on 8-17-14 at 12.09 PM

  • Max went camping, it only rained the first day, and he made friends.
  • While Max was walking into church he saw a pretty butterfly.
  • Reed hung out with Christos for a week.
  • Christos hung out with Reed and climbed Mount Washington with Mikey.
  • Michael survived Mount Washington, but will never do it again.
  • Caleb spent 2 nights with Luke, more time at the Hyde’s, a night at the Connell’s and a night at the Soh’s.
  • Caleb got to go shooting with Dave and had a blast, he was a pretty good shot too.
  • Luke went geocaching with Caleb and had a football jamboree.
  • We all had a bonfire on Tuesday.
  • Breanne hung out with her friend Rebecca before she went to college in Florida.
  • Ben hung out with his girlfriend before she went to Paris for 9 days with her family.
  • Grace stayed at another hotel and did canon balls into the pool with Ben.
  • Julie pierced the second hole in her cartilage – by herself! 
  • Syd went camping.
  • Gabriel took lots of naps this week.
  • Gabriel’s boss gave him a bunch of weightlifting equipment.
  • I thought I was only going to get an hour of Danielle’s time before she goes back to Cyprus but I got to spend the majority of Saturday with her.

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