Cookies, Vacations, Hotels and more 1D #SimpleLittleSunday

It’s that time of the week again…

Photo on 8-10-14 at 12.22 PM


  • Julia and Leila only have 4 days until vacation.
  • Julia got to use a waterproof camera and take pics of bubbles and stuff underwater.
  • Max is going camping tomorrow.
  • Julie saw 1D at Gillette Stadium with her cousin.
  • Max ran/walked a mile without pain.
  • Grace is going to another hotel for 2 days – she promised to swim in a pool for me.
  • Julia and Leila got to play with adorable bunnies.
  • Gabe went to San Diego and stayed in a resort.
  • Caleb went to Lake Compounce.
  • Caleb spent time with family friends and saw his friend Luke.
  • Christos is going to Dave’s tomorrow.
  • Breanne went to a going away party for a friend and had delicious dip that was made of olives and…stuff.
  • Leila did gymnastics on the beach.
  • Julia found more red ruby stones.
  • Leila made us chocolate chip cookies.
  • Yesterday when I was driving home someone was setting off real fireworks…real fireworks are my favorite!
  • Friday, Dave and I went to use my Groupon (again) for a wine/chocolate tasting at a vineyard but apparently they don’t do tastings during shows (there was a live band). Their compromise was to give us 2 free glasses of wine instead…each. So instead of a few sips of 5 wines, we got a whole bottle for free.
  • I had a great week and even better weekend with Dave (Saturday marked one month) and I’d list everything here, but honestly, every moment I spend with him is a “Simple Little Sunday” moment.

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