Bees, 1D, Friends and Rabbits #SimpleLittleSunday

I still have an hour and a half to get this in! Yes! We had a big group today, check us out!

Photo on 8-3-14 at 12.19 PM


  • Max can bring a friend camping.
  • Julia’s friend Chloe is here visiting from Cyprus. They went to the mall and had a sleep over.
  • Caleb went to 6 flags twice.
  • Syd is going to see 1D for her birthday (which is tomorrow) and their tickets were in section 333 but they got moved to section 11!
  • Ben went to California to visit family. They were going to go to Santa Monica one day but it was too hot, but then there was a thunder storm and it cooled off, so they could go.
  • Clay got 4 days with Christos (who is also visiting from Cyprus).
  • Julie spent one week with family in Jersey, they went to the beach.
  • Breanne’s trip to Africa was cancelled but the Lord told her that she doesn’t need to go there to be filled and encounter Him, so she’s good.
  • Nico went fishing with his grandfather. He lost his pole at one point and then 5 minutes later his grandfather not only “catches” his pole but there was a fish attached to it!
  • Christos played airsoft. He felt like he was getting shot, but he wasn’t – HE WAS GETTING STUNG BY BEES! The SLS from that? He’s not allergic!
  • Leila went to Six Flags and spent the day with Christi.
  • Reed killed a rabbit and ate it. Why? Because he can.
  • Michael wasn’t there when Reed ate it.
  • Andrew reached max level in League of Legends.
  • Six Flags was Grace’s day. She got in for free, got given the wrong change for something and it was in her favor, got a fresh batch of fried oreos after she dropped hers and ate dinner for free. Talk about favor!
  • Christi went to a party, got to hang by the pool with Natasha and saw a meteor shower.
  • I got something new to do at work this week! It’s not until October, but I don’t care. It’s very exciting.
  • Andrew got new bracelets.
  • The day we went to Six Flags was supposed to have thundershowers, but that didn’t happen.

Why? Because God loves us!


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