Phones, Movies, Games and Clothes #SimpleLittleSunday

It’s my favorite day of the week! We had quite the crew today, check us out!Photo on 7-27-14 at 12.14 PM


Ok, here we go!

  • Max got 4 new video games
  • Julia went camping and got to go fishing. She saw 2 cracked eggs in the sand and realized they were painted turtle eggs.
  • Wendy was in Hairspray. 100 people were there during all 3 performances, it was awesome.
  • We’re all going to Six Flags New England on Tuesday and the weather is supposed to be beautiful.
  • Nico has been hanging out with friend he hasn’t see in 2 years.
  • Morgan is going to a church retreat – for free! It should cost $300!
  • Grace got to stay at a hotel with a pool.
  • Julia went to the beach with her soon-to-be step sister and found cool red ruby stones.
  • Max has 2 pairs of shorts! 
  • Leila talked to Jakers. We miss him.
  • Reed got a used phone, but it broke. So they sent him a refurbished one – that broke. So they sent him ANOTHER refurbished one – THAT broke. So they sent him a new one!
  • Aaron went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2.
  • Alyssa got a new phone too.
  • Alyssa also found a $5 on the ground.
  • Julia left her phone in the bathroom when she was camping. When she realized it she went back and someone moved to sink. They didn’t steal it!
  • Michael played airsoft with his friend and dominated.
  • Gabriel had a crazy week but found time to go fishing with his grandfather.
  • And I was hoping to go to my pool on Saturday with some friends but the stupid sun went away and it got cold. So Bethany and I spent the afternoon sitting on my bed, eating fruit and watching almost a full disc of FRIENDS. It was delightful.

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