Mini Golf, Camping, Friends and Fireworks #SimpleLittleSunday

What day is today? Sunday.

What do we do? SLS!

Photo on 7-13-14 at 12.02 PM

  • Wendy saw her brother in law who has been in Korea for 3 years! They played mini-golf and went to the Westbrook carnival
  • Julia went camping and saw bunnies and went swimming in a pond/hole
  • Leila went to youth group with her friend Sincere (who used to be in our group til they moved) and made a new friend

selfies on snapchat are snappies #snappies (this isn’t SLS, it was just funny)

  • Max  was finally able to sleep and has been having crazy dreams
  • Nico went swimming – the pool was warm and it was gorgeous
  • Ben is going to California and found a really good price on a ticket
  • Grace had a bonfire with her family
  • I went to Sailfest with Bethany, Patrick and Dave and had a GREAT time. The fireworks were the best I’ve seen in a while
  • Wendy got to see a friend she hasn’t seen in 5 years
  • Julia only has 32 days til vacation
  • I went to happy hour with my work wife and a friend we haven’t seen in at least a year
  • Julia and Leila’s friend Emma came back (she was in Florida)
  • I went to a wine/chocolate tasting with Bethany today and thought I had to pay for the glass, but since they didn’t have change for a $20 they gave it to me for free


So that’s our list…what do you have to add to it?


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