I Lied – Great

Sunday I said I would write about my weekend yesterday…and I didn’t. I went home from work and watched the entire first disc of season 2 of Big Bang Theory and then went running instead. All this time I’ve been telling you all that I’m truthful and real and here I am lying to your face.

I also just realized I haven’t written any more about my time in Cyprus.

Man, I suck!

Without further ado, it’s time to make good on some promises. My 4th of July weekend was, pants down, the best 3-day weekend I’ve had in a LONG time. I don’t know what I did to deserve such amazing people in my life, but “blessed” seems to be an understatement.

FRIDAY it rained. 4th of July looked like it was going to be a washout. I planned on having people over for a cookout and swimming, but the weather decided to give me the proverbial finger. Joke’s on the weather though, because my friends are the best! They still came over, we ate, we drank, we watched a hot dog eating contest (barf) and the World Cup, Mia (my cat) got to cuddle with her BFF Sergio for a while, I got to cook some delicious food with my friend Julian; it was a nice little afternoon.

Earlier in the day I had received a text from a friend asking if I wanted to “come over tomorrow night for burgers and fireworks”. Well, 2-marg-Jess saw “burgers and fireworks” and ASSUMED it was for the 4th. That’s logic, right? Wrong. About 20 texts and 4 confused people later, I’m halfway to his house and realize the invite was for SATURDAY, not FRIDAY. Great. nice work 2MJ. Way to have a blonde moment. I went over anyway and just hung out, so the evening wasn’t a total loss. Plus we had something to laugh at – me.

Friday was a great day.

SATURDAY I had a delightfully lazy morning, followed by an equally lazy afternoon by the pool followed by an evening of so many wonderful things it’ll be hard to wipe from my memory. Not that I want to…but you know what I’m saying. Friends, drinks, food, fireworks, a sleigh, a flash bang, and so much more. I even “learned” that an exterminator costs $500 and a case of shotgun shells costs $50, so if you “got an ant problem” (…those “sombitches”), using the shotgun “just make good sense”.  I seriously laughed so hard and smiled so much that by the time I left, at around midnight, my face hurt.

Saturday was a great day.

SUNDAY after church Bethany and De (favorites from church) and I went to Christine’s (a favorite from high school) pool. The beauty of Christine is that she can mix with any group of friends I have – work, church, college, random – she integrates so easily. I don’t get it, but I do love it. I also got to see My Julie and her adorable family.

Sunday was a great day.

And this coming weekend only promises more great things! Sailfest and a wine/chocolate tasting are where it starts, but I doubt that’s where it’ll end.

This is a great summer.


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