Beauty, Travel, The 4th and The Mall #SimpleLittleSunday

We’re growing! We had 2 new faces in youth group today! Morgan isn’t entirely new, we see her when she’s visiting her grandparents; but Grace is a new addition, and we like her.

Photo on 7-6-14 at 12.14 PM

Before we get started on Simple Little Sunday, I need to tell you a story about the dress you see me wearing in the picture. Super cute, right?!

I took Leila and Julia to the mall with me on Wednesday because I needed to buy a little black dress for the Sara Bareilles tour. I must have tried on 15-20 dresses, most of which were never real contenders, but that’s half the fun of going to the mall – trying on ridiculous clothes. It’s like dress-up for people over 10.

Anyway, I spotted the black and white plaid dress and NEEDED to try it on. It was so comfortable, and so adorable, I fell in love and HAD to buy it. No, this is not a “wanted to” situation, it was a “needed to and had to” one. The dress was $30 but I didn’t care, because I needed the dress. When I went to buy the dress it was 40% off! Both girls looked at me and said “SIMPLE LITTLE SUNDAY! AUNTIE JESS!!!”

I love the fact that I found a way to teach them without really teaching them!

That said, here’s today’s list:

  • Max couldn’t find a video game after 2 hours of looking through all of them, rearranging them and organizing them. Once he decided he wasn’t going to play it – Womp! There it was! (OK, that’s my paraphrasing, not his.)
  • Nico said that yesterday and today have been beautiful – we all 100% agreed!
  • Julie went for a jog with her mom on the track at her school
  • Julia saw one of her friends from elementary school and got to rekindle the friendship
  • Morgan went to NYC with her Opa and had a great time
  • I went running one night and discovered how amazing jumping into a pool is in your running clothes (sans shoes)
  • 4th of July – thank you America (…that was Tim)
  • Max got birthday and report card money and then he could go do stuff – but he didn’t do anything…yet
  • Leila went to the mall with me and Julia
  • Leila also had a 5 year old fall in love with her (in the adorable way, not the creepy way)
  • One day I was driving home and really needed a good, solid hug. When I got home my friend’s dad (my second dad growing up) was there talking to my mom. I was JUST in time because he was leaving and I got the big ol’ dad hug I was craving all day.
  • Grace’s sister was being annoying so she hid in the bushes and saw a butterfly (Ha! That’s how you start SLS!)
  • Julia got to play hide and seek a lot on the 4th with a bunch of kids. This was especially great because Leila didn’t want to play with her all week.
  • Leila got to hang out with her friend Hannah’s super adorable baby

And that’s that!

I had probably the best 3-day weekend I’ve had in a LONG time but I’ll write about that tomorrow. Today isn’t about me, it’s about God’s love.


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