Life Is Beautiful – #SimpleLittleSunday

I was at church today but I had to leave early because my mom and I went to see Damn Yankees (the Red Sox version) at the Goodspeed Opera House – more on that later – so Tim had to fill in for me with the youth. Here’s what they’ve got:


  • Max went to Relay for Life and had an amazing time. And instead of getting his neck sunburned, which it always does, it got tan
  • Julia met her dad’s girlfriend’s daughter and it was a great day and they had a lot in common and they both like singing
  • Leila got a brand new phone from her dad
  • Julie went for a walk on a trail on Saturday and it was really beautiful and a beautiful day
  • Nico was cleaning out his grandparent’s boat this morning by himself and wished someone was there – right then a bird came and landed right in front of him
  • Reed and Michael didn’t know about SLS, Tim explained it to them but they couldn’t come up with anything. Apparently they were let off the hook til next time – CLEARLY Tim is nicer than I am haha. Be warned boys! No more freebees!
  • Tim had a feeling something cool was gonna happen last night and then found out some of his best friends from a different state were here last minute

As for me?



  • I had a great afternoon with my mom, Damn Yankees was HILARIOUS. I seriously have never laughed so hard at a musical in my life. I completely lost it at the end.
  • I had three different friends, on three different days, encourage me and speak life when I needed it, and I’m pretty sure they had no idea
  • I made some serious progress with my room thanks to Christi d’Albenas’ help
  • I got to hug the stunning Elizabeth Jandreau (and baby) today
  • Today is B-E-A-UTIFUL


What’s yours? This isn’t a rhetorical question guys, it’s legit. I really want to know how God is showing you that He loves you! I know you’re reading this, so gimme something!


3 thoughts on “Life Is Beautiful – #SimpleLittleSunday

  1. I got to spend an ENTIRE day, alone with my husband! We spent a beautiful day by the ocean enjoying each other’s company and talking out our dreams. So blessed!

  2. The pure goodness of God, that is what I am enjoying right. The beauty of his goodness – think about that, the sheer, wonderful, amazing, incredible, awe-inspiring, ever increasing wonder of his goodness. I want to live in this goodness full time, ask God about his goodness and trust him to show you his goodness, when you taste it, it becomes intoxicating to you…… taste and see that the lord is good………

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