Winning, Pets, and Friends #SimpleLittleSunday

Welcome to Simple Little Sunday! If this is your first time here, click this link and read what it’s all about. If not, here’s our list. What’s on yours?


Nico, Jess, Wendy, Leila, Julia, Max aka: Rubber Fish

  • Friday it was supposed to rain but it didn’t so… Leila had a beautiful day at Lake Compounce, there were some clouds at 6 Flags but that just meant that Max and his friends didn’t have to wait in long lines, and Nico could have one more practice before marching in the Memorial Day Parade (he plays trombone)
  • Leila won a game she usually loses all her money at
  • Max’s chamber choir competed in the Great East Music Festival and won better than gold – they got platinum!
  • Julia’s dad found a salamander outside and a friend had a tank they weren’t using so she gets to keep him with little to no cost (she’s still working on a name)
  • Wendy was having a bad day so her mom (without being prompted by Wendy) suggested she have a friend over. They went to see Heaven Is For Real and it was such a good movie and they had a great day.
  • When Max and his family were getting ready to go to church the song that was playing mixed with the birds next to the car was beautiful
  • Max also got a necklace from his dad
  • Max ALSO go to talk to a friend he hasn’t seen in a year and a half
  • God gave one of them the courage to stand up to a “friend” and set some much needed healthy boundaries

As for me, well

  • One day I was going for a jog along a route I normally don’t run and I came across a bush with beautiful flowers on it. I don’t know what they are, but they’re gorgeous
  • Thursday I had to work 14.5 hours but it was with some great people and many laughs were had
  • I’m rockin a 4 day weekend thanks to that 14.5hr day
  • I’ve been blessed with the time and money to do a complete bedroom overhaul (there will be more on that when it’s done)
  • I got this text at a time when I wasn’t feeling so wonderful:  Image
  • And finally, I got to hang out with some pretty awesome kids today (see the picture above for proof)


So how did God show you He loved you this week? I want to know! Comment here or use #SimpleLittleSunday!


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