Grades, Doubles and Chicks #SimpleLittleSunday

It’s that time of the week again! Simple Little Sunday! Here’s our list, what’s on yours?


Wendy, Julie, Leila, Tim, Jess, Andrew, Max and Nico

  • my brother-in-law moved in on Tuesday and he’s awesome
  • I got 100% on a test I didn’t study for
  • “My teacher acknowledged my genius” (that’s a direct quote haha)
  • I couldn’t play softball for a while because I hurt my back, but it was healed and I hit a double
  • I got to take some baby chicks home for biology class and I can keep them if I want
  • I’m in 7th grade but they want me to take a 9th grade math test because they believe I’m smart enough
  • My friend was mad at me for something I didn’t have the power to change but we worked it out and everything is good again
  • I played my guitar by the stream near my house for a while, it was beautiful
  • last report card I had 2 F’s and a D, now all my grades are B- or higher
  • there’s a cove area at Waterford Beach that was warm enough to swim in
  • it was raining during my prom, when we went to leave I didn’t want my dress to get wet and so my date helped me make sure I stayed clean and dry


Truth be told: this was a rough one for me today. Life is full of choices, you choose to be happy or you choose to be sad. Every time I choose to be happy today, something shoots me down. It’s crap and I don’t like it.

So here’s what I, Jess, personally have for today: Today. Is. Beautiful


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