When The Dog Bites


OK. You got me. I didn’t really get attacked by a dog…nor did I get stung by a bee…nor am I particularly sad.

BUT I do want to tell you about some of my favorite things.

I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to look for the little things (Hence #SimpleLittleSunday) and be in charge of my own happiness lately because I realize that you can’t rely on other people to make you happy. They can certainly add to it, sometimes they add to it a lot, but they can’t be the basis of your happiness. Sometimes life will get crazy or they’ll move away or you’ll have a falling-out. And some days you’re just left with yourself.

Can you be happy with just yourself?

While some days my flesh will want to scream at you: ABSOLUTELY NOT! The truth is, HECK YES!

And while I do enjoy whiskers on kittens and brown paper packages tied up with string, I have no clue what schnitzel (holy crap I spelled that right the first try) with noodles is. So these are a few of MY favorite things.


1. Being Barefoot

If not barefoot, definitely without shoes. Driving? Totally better barefoot. In the office? …do we have a visitor? I’m probably still not going to wear shoes. Home? What are shoes? Leading worship? HA! Never! I’m convinced it’s impossible for me to successfully lead worship with shoes on.

In the words of Dane Cook: EFF SHOES!


2. Buying Shoes

Don’t be fooled by #1, while I hate wearing them, I flippin love buying shoes. It was a problem for a while, one of my friends actually had to pick me up and carry me away from a shoe store in high school. I since have toned down…mainly because I don’t have room for any more (2 bins under my bed, the top shelf of my closet, the floor of my closet, and 3 pairs that don’t fit anywhere)…but that doesn’t always stop me. What can I say? Shoes serve a purpose, just not a “100% of the time” purpose for me.


3. Netflix Marathons

Two days ago I flopped myself onto the couch in one of our edit suites

Me: I feel like I just wasted part of my life…

The Stanimator: Why?

Me: Because I just watched 5 seasons of Parks and Rec in a week and a half!

TS: So

Me: I’m sure there were better things I could’ve done with my time

TS: Well, did it make you happy?

Me: ….yeah

TS: Then who cares?

Yeah! Who cares? Netflix marathons totally make the list!


4. Holly Conlan Radio on Pandora

This is a simple one. I get music from Holly, Sara Bareilles and Brooke Fraser. It’s like the perfect mix of christian and non-christian music that I can sing along with. Because…


5. Singing & Dancing Like A Crazy Person




The best part of this list is I don’t need anyone else to make it happen! What random things are on your list?


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