Simple Little Sunday

I am VERY happy to announce the first of what I hope to be many weekly posts!

Back in the beginning of the year I wrote a post about the Simple Things and how you shouldn’t overlook them because there’s a good chance they’re the crumbs that were left to lead you to the big things.

The idea is that God talks to us in all different ways and not always how we expect it. And He shows His love the same way. It’s not always a big grandiose gesture, but sometimes it’s something as small as getting all the lights green on your way home, or a beautiful sunset.

For example, every part of my trip to New Zealand in 2011 was God showing me that He loved me. From providing every last penny for me to travel there to having a duck family (my favorite animal) waddle up to me while I was reading to the most amazingly delicious chocolate I’ve ever had. Whittaker’s Kiwi Chocolate. That’s all I’m gonna say.

So I posed this question to the youth group today:

What kind of things has God done for you this week?

Every Sunday before we start class we’re going to talk about the little things that happened the previous week and we’re going to call it Simple Little Sunday.


Max, Wendy, Leila, Julie, Jess


Without further ado, here is the list we came up with for this week:

  • He gave me a girlfriend who has visions and is prophetic and I can witness to her through it
  • He gave me a great family and amazing siblings who are always there to help me and stand up for me
  • I was playing a game with my sister outside, at one point our fingers were touching and a butterfly landed on them!
  • One day it was raining and when I went outside to look, to the left there was a sunset and to the right was a double rainbow. It was so beautiful
  • I was at the Hunter Hays concert, and I’m pretty short. The tall girls in front of me saw me standing behind them and let me go in front so I could see…and I got closer too!
  • We got a large lemonade when we payed for a small at Dunkin – favor
  • We had a super important softball game against HK, it started to rain and the game was going to get cancelled, but right before we were about to start the rain stopped and we won by 10 – that hasn’t happened in 10 years

So I ask you, what little things have happened this week? How has God shown you that He loves you?

Feel free to join in the conversation through comments or on twitter with #SimpleLittleSunday! I want to know!


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