Cyprus Update

Greetings from Cyprus!

I plan on waiting until I come back and have a chance to let this whole experience sink in before I really write about my time here, but I wanted to give you all a quick update.

Jetlag and I were not friends at first, but he got over it (yes, jetlag is a man) and I’ve been good since Friday. So just one day where he was being a jerk.

We’ve done a lot in the 3 full days I’ve been here. Worship at the Gateways Beyond base, a drive up to Troodos (one of the highest places on the island), a trip to Limassol, a walk on the Mediterranean, a hike up a mountain, Shabbat, and some glorious food. I’m beyond thankful for this time and this opportunity.

I may have another update for you next week sometime, but I can’t promise anything. Below are some pictures though, enjoy!


Walking on the Mediterranean


Danielle and I


Gabriel and I at Shabbat


Hiking with some of the students from GBCY


The view from the top

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