Oil Pulling – Is It For Me?

About a week ago I came across this blog about oil pulling and the benefits of it. Basically, you’re supposed to swish 1tsp of organic coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. And there are a ton of benefits.

Look at this list:



So naturally I had to try it out. And lucky for you, I decided to journal my thoughts in the process! Please forgive all my “that’s what she said” moments…there are quite a few

Day 1 Thoughts

  • My teeth have a yellow tint to them
  • The texture and taste is enough to make you gag first thing in the morning
  • This is kinda gross
  • I wonder how much is my spit and how much is the oil
  • Don’t swallow it! Don’t swallow it!
  • This isn’t too bad
  • What am I going to spit this out into?
  • Has it been 20 minutes? I should’ve set a timer. Tomorrow I’ll set a timer
  • Yes! I successfully spit it all into an empty water bottle…that’s gross
  • I have bumps on the inside of my cheeks

Day 2 Thoughts

  • Awake is the opposite of what I want to be right now
  • Taste and texture weren’t that bad this morning, probably because I knew what to expect
  • There’s definitely more spit than oil in my mouth right now
  • I remembered to set a timer! go me!
  • Oops, I spit some out. It’s too early
  • Woo! Half way!
  • Crap, I spit more out. It’s too early
  • Yup. Definitely gagged after spitting it all out. Gross

Day 3 Thoughts

  • Timer – Set
  • This is still gross
  • Hmm, less spit this time. Go me!
  • I’ll curl my hair at the same time
  • This is easier when you’re doing something
  • Ah, there’s the spit
  • Crap, I just spit so much out! All over the counter!
  • Aaand done. Woo!

Day 4 Thoughts

  • I skipped it…too little sleep

Day 5 Thoughts

  • Today I attempted to couple it with my shower, much better! And the best part? When (not if) I spit any out by mistake it didn’t matter!
  • This may be the route I take going forward

Day 6 Thoughts

  • Last night I noticed a new zit on my face. What the heck? I thought this was supposed to HELP that
  • Shower again, let’s do this!
  • I’m getting better at not spitting it out…I think…it’s hard to tell in the shower
  • The contents of this water bottle are gross, I’ll have to take a picture tomorrow at the end of my 7 day trial

Day 7 Thoughts

  • I’ve got some time this morning, so let’s do this in bed and not the shower
  • I was right, the shower is easier
  • Yeah, this is definitely 90% spit and 10% oil
  • Crap, I swallowed some
  • I don’t think I’m going to make it to 20 minutes
  • I wonder why I gagged that one day
  • Yay! I made it!
  • And cue gag…yup…it’s the smell from the bottle. Disgusting. That’ll be thrown out today.

That’d be a water bottle full of oil, my spit and impurities sucked out of my mouth. Ew!


Final verdict?

Well, my skin isn’t any clearer, but my teeth are a little whiter, I don’t feel a change in my sinuses at all and last night I slept like CRAP. I think I’ll only do this when I’m taking a shower in the morning, I doubt I’ll make a habit of it.

Have you ever tried oil pulling? Are you doing it now? What’s your experience with it?


8 thoughts on “Oil Pulling – Is It For Me?

  1. I’ve never done oil pulling, but I asked a dentist about it once. He said it wouldn’t really be harmful, and might do some whitening, but other than that, most of its touted benefits are hokum. He did say that there are a few cases of it loosing fillings in your mouth, so you might want to be careful with it if you have any.

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