Something New – #1

At the beginning of the year I said I was going to make this MY year and do more things for me. Try new things. And that’s exactly what I did tonight.

OK, show of hands, who knew that shooting guns at targets would be so much fun?! Not this girl! Don’t get me wrong, I was beyond pumped to go, I just didn’t think I’d enjoy myself as much as I did. I learned a lot too, probably because the guy I went with trains the friggin SWAT team. Seriously. No exaggeration. If I was gonna go shooting with anyone for the first time, I definitely went with the right person. 

I was proud of myself, and so was he. I was pretty accurate for my first time out and not as “girly” or timid as he thought I might be. Ha! Clearly he doesn’t know me very well yet. “Girly” and “timid” aren’t usually terms used when describing me.

The most “girly” thing I did all night was probably the fact that I like the .22 better than the .45. I could probably get used to the .45 but it was too intense for me tonight. I found myself involuntarily closing my eyes when I pulled the trigger. Not exactly something you want to make a practice of. And even though my friend Patrick likened the .22 to shooting spitballs out of a straw, I still preferred it. 

Dave “taunted” me with a little black Bond-esque gun that was between a .22 and .45 which would probably be a happy medium for me, but I couldn’t shoot it because he didn’t have any bullets for it. BOO! I really liked the way it looked. If I were to own a gun on chick factor, it’d be that one. 

When all was said and done, I could actually see this being a recreational sport for me. Nothing to do with self defense or safety at all. I just enjoyed myself tonight, plain and simple.


4 thoughts on “Something New – #1

  1. Dear Jess,   Closing your eyes just before the round leaves the gun is called “anticipating the shot” and the number one lesson to learn to overcome to be an accurate shot.  I found myself doing it more with a pistol then a rifle.  Another way I avoided it is to shoot quicker and don’t make the “pause” too long before you squeeze it and let it go.  Just something I learned at the range while with the Navy and Marines.  I ended up getting Expert Shot with 9mm pistol.  And it is fun!!!!  You gotta come play paintball with us this Spring, we have a blast!!!   Have a great day!!!   Bill

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