Explosions, Fires and Stink Bombs

We open in the presidential suite of a hotel in London that overlooks Big Ben. A father and his daughter are there with a girl and they’re talking about New York City. The girl doesn’t really know anything about the city because she only ever goes there for work (and we all know that traveling for work is pretty much the exact opposite of traveling for play). They agree to take her when they get back to the states and show her more than 42nd Street between Grand Central and 6th, since that’s pretty much all she knows, and she’s very grateful. 

She leaves their room and hears a HUGE explosion in the hotel. She opens the doorway to the stairs and sees smoke and flames billowing from it. She doesn’t want to go that way but she knows it’s her only option, so she heads in and prays for the best. 

A few floors down she makes it “safely” to a dark and ominous machine room where she is immediately told that she needs to be ready to secure the equipment by the time the next explosion happens. She doesn’t understand why it’s all of a sudden “her job” to do this, but no one cares to give her an answer, so she sucks it up and agrees. They tell her that she needs to figure out how to cover everything up, they don’t care with what (a sheet of metal, a folding chair, doesn’t matter) but she’s not allowed to execute anything until the next blast happens. She rushes around the room finding anything she can and preps everything so she’ll be ready. She pushes through people who are running the opposite way, presumably to safety, and finds a corner to cower in and wait. 

Once everyone is out she covers her head. She knows what’s about to happen. BOOM! The room shakes and fills with smoke. Clearly the explosion was close. Her ears were ringing, breathing was nearly impossible and she could barely see but she knew what she had to do. She rushed to the equipment, covered it like she was supposed to and ran back to the stairwell to continue her descent out of the hotel, all the while thinking Why me? Why did I have to do this? When will I be able to breathe again? When will I be able to hear again? Where is everyone? 

She stumbled out onto a patio, gasping for air and unable to stand. She eventually composes herself enough to get up and find help, clearly traumatized by the whole experience. As she stumbles towards the medic trailer that was brought in she sees someone she has known for a very long time and has always been there for her and falls into his arms. She begins sobbing and letting herself feel every emotion that’s raging through her because she finally reached a safe place, but with no words, he takes her arms and removes them from his sides. He can’t deal with her right now. She is confused but goes with it, wipes the tears from her face and continues on to the trailer. 

Inside she sees 4 people: a doctor, someone laying on a table with a walking cast on his foot, a friend of hers sitting with the guy on the table, and a man guarding the door. She walks up to her friend to try and talk but gets pushed away by the doctor. Apparently since she didn’t have any broken bones they didn’t care about helping her. She turns to leave and the man guarding the door hands her something. “Here” he says, “you’ll need this.”

“What is it?” she asks, clearly never having seen anything like it before. It was the color of a pickle in the shape of an egg but felt like a water balloon. 

“It’s a stink bomb. You’re welcome” he grumbles. “Now go!” And with that, she gets pushed out of the trailer.

Squinting until her eyes adjust she looks around to see a field and a group of people that are having a picnic under a big tree. She walks towards them hoping someone would at least give her some sort of normalcy when suddenly, someone gets up and pointing behind her screams “LOOK OUT!” and everyone starts running away from the medic trailer. She joins them, not understanding what’s going on. One of the people sees that she has this stink bomb in her hand, takes it from her and says “what are you doing with that?!” and throws it. They stop running and she stares at him in disbelief. “I’m sorry” he says, “you’ll thank me one day.” He looks around and starts jogging away, leaving her in the middle of a field, alone, with nothing to protect her. 

What the heck just happened?

…And then I woke up. It took me a minute to compose myself, because that girl was me, and I really did have to think “what the heck just happened?” haha. But I realized that even though some times I might feel like I’m all alone and that everyone and everything is against me and that no one cares that I’m hurt or upset, it’s not the truth. I am SO thankful for the people in my life that I know I can turn to without a moment’s notice and they’ll be there for me. They’re rock stars, and I don’t know where I’d be without them.


2 thoughts on “Explosions, Fires and Stink Bombs

  1. Dreams are such a trip aren’t they, Jessica! I’ve been having some crazy one’s lately. And some really bad ones. Wouldn’t be interesting to take a poll to see how many of us remember good dreams? I’m glad you interpreted your dream as cup half full and not half empty! I need to file that away myself 🙂

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