Musings From a Long Drive

Everyone has their go-to when they need to clear their head, mine is driving. My friend Caitlin does the same, but she’s more of a “5mph down back roads” kinda head-clearing driver. That would drive me insane (no pun intended). Put me on the highway and let me go!

In a lot of ways I live my life in the fast lane. If there’s a way to streamline something and make it go by faster, I’ll find it, and perfect it. When I worked in the service desk at Shaw’s people used to want my job because “I stood around and didn’t do anything” ha! What they didn’t realize was all the work I got done in my first hour or two. If I power through things I have time to stand around or do something else.

I realize this could be a bad thing too, because I’m sure there have been times where I’ve been so go-go-go that I missed things. But I try and not dwell on that. And ironically enough, the things I REALLY want and have always wanted have yet to happen. No amount of streamlining or fast-laning works for those. It probably hinders it, knowing my luck.

But I digress, because this blog isn’t about my obsession with making things happen as fast as possible. Maybe one day we’ll get into that, but today is not that day. Neither is tomorrow. We’ll touch on some other obsessions though, so hold on!

On Saturday, this little guy had a 1st birthday party


which meant I got to take the hour and a half (ish) drive to Walpole, MA. And my mom was working which meant I got to take that drive by myself. No offense to my mom, but I was pretty excited. Sometimes you I just need to go for a drive by yourself myself and this was the perfect opportunity considering I had an actual destination. A lot of times I want to get in the car and go, but I’m afraid of where I’ll end up if I don’t have a place in mind. I need someone to tell me where to stop!

So I plugged in my phone, put on my 90’s pop station on pandora, and was off. Pretty sure I hit every form of precipitation along the way too. I started out with nothing, then went into rain, then sleet, then snow. Too much snow. Side note, I’m SO done with winter and it’s shenanigans. 

I realize this may just be me, but I LOVE when beats match up. For example, when my windshield wipers go to the beat of the music. Mr. Jones by Counting Crows was PERFECT for the speed of my wipers in the rain. This made me smile and sing along even more. And this morning I realized that running on the treadmill at 5.2 mph is the perfect speed if you’re listening to The King Is Here by Kim Walker-Smith. Does this make me a crazy person? Don’t answer that…

Along with the good tunes and top-of-the-lungs sing-alongs I got to thinking about how blessed I am. I was off to spend an afternoon with my family, and was happy about it. Not too many people in my world can say that. They either live too far away from their family or they’re just not that close with them. I am so thankful that neither of those are the case for me and that I’m able to do these day trips (for the most part – I do have a cousin in VA and one in NC). Plus, super adorable children were involved in this one, so really, it was a huge win. Even though it snowed.

I’ve been given such a heart for family, and I’m not just talking by blood. It breaks my heart when I see how broken some families are. Don’t get me wrong, mine isn’t perfect by any stretch of the means, but they’re mine, and I love them. And equally as important: they love me, unconditionally. Like family should. No matter how many times my grandmother tries to wipe my tattoos off of me or tells me to tan myself dark enough so you can’t see them (HA!), I know she loves me. (Seriously. There’s a picture of her trying to wipe my first tattoo off of me somewhere, I just can’t find it.)

EVERYONE deserves to know and feel this love. I believe this so strongly that I contemplate adoption probably entirely too often for my own good. And I’m not just talking about infants, there are pre-teens and teens out there that desperately need to know the love and support of a family. If I had the space and money, I’m really not sure what would stop me. 

Along with deep things like family and adoption I also contemplate more “serious” things while I drive, like why does my butt fall asleep after an hour? Or why is it that when you have to pee so badly you keep drinking, regardless of how many times you yell at yourself for it? And why don’t I just stop so I can pee instead of testing my luck, and my bladder? Or how can drivers be SO DUMB?! It’s quite the place, my brain, quite the place. Gotta love it.



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