Monster Cake Verdict

If you’ll remember, yesterday I wrote about the Monster Energy Cake that I made with one of my goddaughters. Well, the verdict is in! I know you’ve all been dying to know (HA!). According to Andrew it was good, and definitely tasted like Monster, but was too sugary. And I have to agree. I only had a couple bites and I was all set, and cake is usually one of my weaknesses (along with dark chocolate). But he liked it, and that’s all that matters.

I got to go to Julia’s concert last night too, middle school band and chorus. She did great! BUT, the highlight of my night was the little boy who sat “behind” us. I put “behind” in quotes because he mainly sat next to Ed (Julia’s dad) the whole time. Julia requested that we record her 3 songs on her phone so she could watch them later, so we did, and our little buddy (who was probably about 18 months) stood on the chair next to Ed the whole time, leaned on his shoulder and watched the concert on the phone. Hilarious! Every now and then he would pick up his head and look at Ed or point at the phone, but for the most part he was completely enamored by what was happening. Absolutely adorable. His mom eventually moved up to our row to try and keep him under control but that just resulted in him trying to take a hair clip out of some other woman’s hair. I never got his name but I did get a high-five, and thanked the mom for the added entertainment. Little kids are so great!

Here are some pictures from the night:

Julia singing at her concert

Lighting the candles

Me and the birthday boy! I love this guy

Blowing out the candles

Supportive and excited sisters


The picture quality isn’t that great but what do you want from me? I’m using an iPhone.

Happy Friday everyone!


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