Simple Things

I’ve started to write a new post a couple times in the last few days but always stopped because I didn’t know how to move past the first sentence. Or even the title, really.

One was going to be called “The Story of the Girl Was Too Nice” and I was going to write about how, by being too nice, I find myself in situations where guys think that after a sentence (that’s usually grammatically horrific if it’s online) they can hit on me and get in my pants. HA! Not gonna happen! Nothing will get me to run faster in the opposite direction! I was also going to write about the different lines they’ve used – my personal favorite being “I feel like God put you in my life and we’re supposed to be together.” OH REALLY? That’s interesting, cuz He hasn’t said a damn thing to me, and we’re pretty tight. How about we table this and wait til He tells me something. And then we never talk again…probably because I’m avoiding him.

The other was called “Joy Robbers” and I was going to list out the things that steal our happiness and how we can fight them. But then I decided to stay in my unhappiness and not try and figure out how to get out. Isn’t it funny how sometimes we’re so content to be uncontent? Pretty sure I just made up that word because it has the red dashes under it with no suggestions, but stick with me on this one.

Why are we so happy to stay unhappy? (That one works!) Is it because the squeaky wheel gets the oil and if people aren’t trying to make you feel better it means they don’t love you? Maybe you just need to feel something, anything, and since pain and sorrow can be all-consuming, in a weird and twisted way it makes you feel alive. Maybe you grew up in an atmosphere where the bad things were always talked about. No one cared if something great happened, that only got a few minutes of conversation. But the bad? Psh. Hours!

Guys. That’s no way to live! I won’t toss out the cliche lines that we all could probably recite about the number of muscles it takes to frown or how important it is to surround yourself with positive people. They’re all true, but they also mean absolutely nothing to you when you’re in that place. Like “Turn that frown upside down!” How about I turn your FACE upside down! haha! Instead, I’ll just tell you what made me feel better today.

  1. I went to church (aka: home)
  2. I got some really good hugs (you know, the ones where you refuse to let go of the other person)
  3. I talked to a 5 and 11 year old about what kind of super powers we would want to have, what we would do with them and what we would do if we were ghosts. (I would fly and be invisible and randomly turn things off on people, like at the good part of the movie haha) And I watched another 11 year old doodle about love and flowers – because let’s face it, kids have a way better perspective on life and being happy, whether us adults want to admit it or not.
  4. I’m gearing up for a nap as soon as I post this (because a good friend once told me that when all else fails, you need a crap and a nap haha)

And that’s where my title comes in: it’s the simple things. Don’t overlook the little things that happen in your life, because there’s a good chance they’re the crumbs that were left to lead you to the big things.

3 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. I’m glad you found some simple things which made you happy(er). Sometimes these tiny, straightforward things are really vital in life, and I’ve found that on many occasions. It was the reason behind the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop (which I think you’d enjoy – judging by the tone of this post, it’d be right up your street) – I was struggling to make it through even a single day, and I NEEDED things which I could be thankful about (note, different than happy – that’s important) in order to validate the day and make it worthwhile continuing onward to tomorrow.

    I liked this a lot 🙂

  2. I think it’s easier to choose unhappiness because we then feel that we’re entitled to blame someone or something for it and don’t have to be responsible for doing something to make ourselves happy. That’s a pretty shallow assessment and doesn’t take into account loads of things related to mental health etc. but just in general… I think it’s because we get stuck in a victim mentality and its much easier to pout in comfort than to go out and take risks and start living.

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