Positive Thinking

In this day and age it’s so easy to dwell on the bad things that happen in life and define ourselves by them. Everything around us is a constant reminder that we’re too thin or too fat or all alone or not doing anything with our lives or a bad parent or not eating right or… The list goes on, you get it. Nothing is ever good enough for society. But the reality is that everyone’s lives are completely different, and while someone may be excelling in an area you struggle with, that doesn’t mean they’re not drowning somewhere else.


I have no idea who Steve Furtick is (thanks Pinterest) but he’s right. We really do need to be careful with comparing ourselves to other people and with how we rate our own success.

Last night I went out to dinner with some friends that I haven’t seen in at least a year, if not more. So when they said “What’s new? What’s going on in your world?” I had to be ready with something happy and positive. And I’m sad to say that was difficult for me. I could have told them exactly how I’m feeling lately, about the all crap that’s going on and how nothing really makes any sense and how I cried myself to sleep the other night, but I was all set with being the Debbie Downer of the table. It took me a bit, but I did come up with a few good things that are happening in my life: I have a steady job with the best coworkers and management anyone could ever ask for (seriously, you should be jealous), I lead worship on a regular basis at my church and am a part of SNOW (Shoreline Night Of Worship) which is my passion and what makes me come alive, I’m debt free (wooo!!!) and am planning a trip to Cyprus to visit some friends who I miss like a kid would miss cake at fat camp. Generally speaking, they seem to always be the same things, but hey, at least I can count on them for a steady foundation to my happiness, right?

It’s ok to be sad and upset about things, please don’t get me wrong. But we shouldn’t dwell on them. We shouldn’t define ourselves by them.

We are so much more than the crap that gets flung at us on a daily basis!

So go ahead and get upset. But then go for a run, cry it out, do kickboxing, do yoga, have a wine and cheese and crackers night in sweats with your bestie, heck do jujitsu for all I care! Just make sure that you move on (and that the person you’re fighting is ready for what’s coming at them haha).

I’ll leave you with a picture of us from last night, these people really are great and I wish we lived closer than 900 miles, but that makes these moments even more special.


And if you want to leave a comment on the great stuff happening with you, I’d love to read it!


4 thoughts on “Positive Thinking

  1. It’s not always easy finding the positives in your life, especially when put on the spot. It is so easy for someone ELSE who is not living in your shoes however to see how fortunate you are to be in the exact moment of your life that you are internally struggling with. It goes back to “the grass is always greener” statement. Why do we do this to ourselves? lol Your list of positives is very impressive I might ad and I’m fortunate to not have to be jealous of your workplace. 😉

  2. It’s great to be real and it’s great to overcome the stereo types of our society and the pressure to be perfect. You will do well in Life, I have no doubt. The “congrieve cube” is moving!

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